Antigua Carnival Is Projecting 1.2 Million EC Dollar Shortfall


ANTIGUA CARNIVAL officials are scratching their heads of how to make-up for an expected shortfall in the revenue of the money needed to run this year’s festival.

Information Minister Melford Nicholas said in St John’s today the projections indicate a projected 1.2 million EC dollar hole in the budget.

Anticipated revenues from sponsorship and ticket sales, plus three and a half million dollars being given by the central government won’t be enough for the projected 6.8 million dollars needed to run the festival.

Last year the government turned to funds generated by the island’s Citizenship by Investment programme to plug the budgetary hole.

But Nicholas told reporters Thursday, he could not say if that route will be taken again.

Nicholas said the government also is demanding better reporting from the carnival committee on how the projected funds will be spent.

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