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ST GEORGE,S’ GRENADA (CARIBUPDATE/Dec 4, 2016) - While  top officials of the opposition National Democratic Congress were at pains before the recent referendum vote to say that they were never advocating and up-and-down “no” vote, they celebrated the outcome as if it is their victory.

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA – (CARIBUPDATE/NOV 24, 2016) – Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has made an impassioned plea to Grenadians to vote in Thursday’s referendum that will decide whether or not the 1974 Constitution which the island received on attaining political independence from Britain should be changed.

IN A STRANGE way, Nicholas Brathwaite was the unwilling politician – not the first choice of many – who eventually stepped in to – at best, save the day; or at worse, be the temporary bandage of a ravaging sore.

   A “substitute lover” (if I could invoke that Half Pint song), rather than the real deal.

ST GEORGE’S, GRENADA: (CARIBUPDATE/Sept 16, 2016) _ Leader of the considered main opposition National Democratic Congress Nazim Burke won’t tell Grenadians if to vote, and if so how to vote in next months’ referendum.

ST GEORGE’S, GRENADA: (CARIBUPDATE/Sept 23, 1016) – Grenada’s opposition National Democratic Congress is no longer the party of yellow. It is the party of red, green and gold – the colours represented on the national flag.

ST GEORGE’S, GRENADA (CARIBUPDATE/Sept 14, 2016): While not saying it is opposed to the seven measures to be voted on in next month’s referendum, Grenada’s opposition has again indicated that it is not in support of a vote on October 27.

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