Senator: Grenada opposition abdicated responsibility on referendum


ST GEORGE'S, GRENADA - (CARIBUPDATE/NOV 24, 2016) - The position taken by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC) in the lead up to Thursday’s referendum vote was a “cop out’’, trade unionist Chester Humphrey has charged.

The NDC “abdicated its responsibility’’ and “tasked a particular senator’’ to go out there and tell people’’ to cast “no’’ votes, Humphrey said in a radio appearance on “Hard Talk’’, which is hosted by a former senator Sheldon Scott.

Although not identifying the “particular senator’’ by name, it is widely believed that Humphrey – a former card-carrying NDC member – was referring to Ray Roberts. 

Roberts is the labour representative in the senate, where Humphrey sits as president. Roberts was very vocal in calling for “no votes’’ on all seven referendum bills.

The “no’’ campaign, according to Humphrey, was based “exclusively on the basis of mischief. There is nothing else’’.

“I can’t understand for the likes of me how a trade unionist can tell a worker go and vote no for a provision which  says, there shall be equal pay for work of equal value,’’ Humphrey added. “Go to vote no, where the equality of the rights of women, and that of men, are given a constitutional protection; where there are certain rights of the disabled which are now elevated to a constitutional fundamental right.’’


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